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Why Does It Take So Long!

We’re all very excited that a process that started two years ago – how does it take that long! – is now complete and our new music is ready to launch.

Pop historians amongst you will know that ten of the fourteen tracks on The Beatles first album, Please Please Me, were recorded in one day at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 in London. Well, I’ve been part of albums that have been recorded in one day – record the band in the morning, the vocals in the afternoon and mix in the evening – and that’s a very exciting and rewarding process, walking out of the studio at night with the mix of an album that didn’t have any tracks laid down earlier that day. However, even The Beatles, by the time of Sgt. Pepper four years later, were taking six months and over 400 hours in the studio to complete their vision. But two years?

For this EP, although there’s only three songs, I probably wrote and finished six more, and the one’s that made it on to the EP are the songs that seemed to work together as the best snapshot of the band at the moment (to hear the other songs, check out our gigs later in the year). But even as we wait to share our new music the process of writing, rehearsing and recording is already underway for the next release, and this time we’re aiming for two months instead of two years! Thanks for listening.